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Our department has over NT$120 billion of equipment including FE-SEM, 130 kV TEM, 400MHz NMR, XRD, FTIR, TG-IR, Microscopic IR, TGA, Microtome, GPEC, HPLC, AA, GC, AFM, DLS, UV, Twins & Single Screw Extruder ( Haake), DMA, DSC, and TGA.



NMR Room

Bruker 400MHz NMR


Joel 120kV TEM, Joel FE-SEM

Fine Instrumental Room

UV/Visible Spectrometer, Gas Chromatography, Karl Fischer Titrators, High Performance Liquid Chromatography ( HPLC ), Preparing Type Liquid Chromatography, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Infrared Multireflection Mirror, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer, Atomic Force Microscope, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer, Micro plate Fluorometer/Luminometer, Fluorescence spectrophotometer, SAVANTSpeedvac R Concentrator SPD111V, -80 oC refrigerator, Gel Permeation Chromatography, Light Microscope

Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Surface Tension Meter, Low Temperature Thermo Bath, ABBE Refracto Meter, Conductivity Meter, Flow Control System, Level Control System, Temperature Control System, Pressure Control System

Process CWater Quality Analysis Laboratory ontrol Laboratory

BOD Test Apparatus, Microware Digestion Apparatus, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Overall Water Quality Analyzer, TOC Analyzer, Liquid Chromatography

Chemical Technology Laboratory

UV/Visible Spectrometer, Gas Chromatography,High Performance Liquid Chromatography,Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Micro plate Fluorometer/Luminometer, Light Microscope, Fluorescence spectrophotometer, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer, Atomic Force Microscopy, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Chemical Engineering Technology Laboratory

Equipments for Determination of Liquid, Viscosity, Agitation, Coil Type and Jacket Type Heat Exchanger, Gas Absorption, Liquid-Liquid Extraction, Vacuum Evaporation, Solid Mixing, Pitot Tube and Venturi Flowmeter, Bubble-Cap Distillation Tower, Double Pipe Heat Exchanger, Reynolds Number Experiment, Dimensional Analysis, Determination of Diffusivity, Determination of Friction Coefficient Through Fittings, Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids, Characteristics of Pumps, Constant Vacuum Filtration

Polymer Processing Laboratory

Twin Screwer Extruder, Compression Molding Machine, Single Screwer Extruder, Injection Molding Machine, Polarizer Microscopy, Potenialstat, Haake Torque Rheometer (internal mixer and single extruder)

Electrochemical Laboratory

Electrochemical Analyzer, Metallurgical Microscope, Surfcorder, Non-destructive Thickness Tester, Potentialstat, Rotating Disk Electrode, Electrochemical Measurement System, Electric Quartz Chemical Microbalance, Non-metal Ion Chromatography, Micro Hardness Tester

Polymer Physical Property Laboratory

Universal Tension Machine, IZOD Impact Machine, Melting Index Analyzer, Gel Permeation Chromatography, Oxygen Index Analyzer, Thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA), Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), Dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA), Polarizing optical microscope, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), TG-IR, Micro-IR, Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy (UV-vis), Ultramicrotome, TABER type abrasion tester

Functional Polymer Laboratory

Microwave Sample Preparation Platform System, Freeze Dryer, Fluorescence spectrophotometer

Surface Treatment Laboratory

Impedance Analyzer, Electrochemical measurement System, Potentiostat/Galvanostat, Micro Hardness Tester, Rotating Disk Electrode, Non-destructive Thickness Tester, Ultrasonic Generator, Salt Spray Tester, Micro Cutter, Pulse Current Generator, Power Surpply

Conducting Polymer Laboratory

Spinning Coating, High Temperature Oven, Vacuum Oven, Four-Probe Conductivity Meter, High Electrical Resistance Meter, Surface Tension (Contact Angel) instrument, Ball Miller

Magnetic Nanomaterials Laboratory

Zetasizer 3000HS+MPT1, Gene Quant Pro, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, High-Speed Centrifuge, Centrifuge

Liquid Crystal Materials Laboratory

Synthesized Function Generator, He-Ne Laser, Voltage Amplifier, Optical Power Meter, Digit Oscilloscope, Power Supply, Optical Table  

Bioorganic Synthesis Laboratory

Preparing Type Liquid Chromatography, UV-Visible Elisa Reader, Melting Point Apparatus, 20 Genesys TM Spectrophotometer, 747FH Incubator for Plant , Hybridization system, Freeze Dryers, Medium Size Centrifuges, Protein and DNA Electrophoresis system, UV-Transilluminators, UV Lamps with Viewing Cabinets, SAVANT Speedvac R Concentrator SPD111V, Biological Oxygen Monitor system, IKA and Heidoph Thermocontrolled Hot Plat with Stirrer, Ultra-Low and Constant Temperature Circulators, Vacuum Rotary Evaporator, Low Temperature Circulator with cooling, High Intensity Microtip Sonicaator, Aspirator; Water Bath Shakers, Constant temperature and low temperature Incubator, Hitachi High-Speed Micro Centrifuge, Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pumps, -80 oC refrigerator

Biopolymers Lab

LCR meters 4284A and 4285A, Brookfield viscometer, differential refractometer

Opto-Electronic Material Laboratory

Glove box, Vacuum coater, Electrochemical analyzer, UV-visible spectroscopy, I-L-V meter

Biomedical Materials Laboratory

Mechanical testing machine, Dissolution tester, Freeze dryer, CO2 incubator, Laminar flow, UV polymerization equipment, Homogenizer

Nano Powder Laboratory

High Temperature Furnace( 1000 ℃ x2, 1700 ℃ x1 and tube furnace x1), Oven x 2, Polishing machine

Functional Polymer Laboratory

UV/Vis Spectrometer, Automatic Viscometers, Supersonic, Disperser, Vacuum Oven

Analytical and Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Spectrophotometer SP-20D, pH Meter, Aspirator, Water Bath, electric Balance, Magnetic/Heating Stirrer, Heating Mantle

Material Technology Laboratory

Viscosity meter, UV curing machine Heating plate, Constant Bath, Potential Stat

Liquid Crystal Materials Laoratory

Synthesized Function Generator, He-Ne Laser, Voltage Amplifier, Optical Power Meter, Digit Oscilloscope, Power Supply, Optical Table