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        All programs in our department had obtained the accreditation from Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET) . IEET was admitted to the Washington Accord as a Signatory. IEET accreditation is a nongovernment, peer-review process with a student-outcome based orientation. The purpose of the accreditation is to determine if a degree-granting program meets certain standards of quality. A program requests for IEET accreditation on a voluntary basis, and the accredited status is not permanent. IEET accreditation is a period review process with a six-year cycle, and the review types include general review and interim review. IEET accreditation is not a ranking system, but a process to ensure that a program continues to achieve its own educational objectives and the students obtain the required outcomes by graduation. IEET encourages the program to establish its own characteristics and acquire the accreditation status that can declare the relevant professional community and meet the qualitative standards set by the professional organization.