Graduation Qualification

1. Graduation Qualification

(1) Four-year college Program

    Minimum credits for graduation 136 credits

    (Including 100 credits for required courses and 36 credits for optional courses)
(2) Master Program:

    Minimum credits for graduation  34 credits
    (Including 6 credits for academic dissertation)

2. Independent study is required, beginning at the fall semester of junior. Course grade will be given at the end of senior.

3. Core Courses

Unit Operation, Thermodynamic, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Material Science and Technology, and Instrument Analysis.

4. Group optional courses:

(1)Biochemical Engineering and Biomedical Material Group:
Biochemistry, Biochemical Engineering, Biomedical Materials

(2)Electronic Chemical Materials Group:
Introduction to Electronic Chemical Materials,
Semiconductor Materials, Optoelectronic Materials

(3)Green Technology Group:
Introduction to Green Technology, Clean Production, Environmental Engineering

(4)Polymer Materials Group:
Introduction to Polymer Science, Polymer Physical Properties and Processing,
Functional Polymers

5. Optional Courses:
Technical English, Introduction to Biotechnology, Introduction to Microelectronic Technology, Introduction to Environmental Technology, Introduction to Polymer Technology, Introduction to Electrochemical Technology, Interface Chemistry, Solution Thermodynamics, Environmental Chemical Analysis, Analytical Trace Compounds, Composite Materials, Crystal Liquid Materials.