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2014 International Symposium on Nano Science and Technology
(2014 ISNST) 

Welcome to the 2014 International Symposium on Nano Science and Technology (2014 ISNST)

The International Symposium on Nano Science and Technology (ISNST) as an annual event has successfully been held at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST) in Tainan City, Taiwan from 2003.  The 2014 ISNST will be held from October 17 to 18, 2014.

Nano science and technology have brought us into an era of so-called ‘Nano world’.  However, at the time when nanotechnology comes to our daily life, the world is not going to be “narrow” but “broad”.  The process of globalization has consequently accelerated since there is practically no barrier to the transmission of knowledge, experience and information across a national boundary.  Individuals have no alternative but to engage themselves with a globalization mission and challenge.  To meet this challenge, our university (STUST) has been making tremendous endeavors to consistently host ISNST so that we can keep the step with the world.

The  2014 ISNST will have seven important symposia, namely

1.Nano Materials

2.Nano Biological Technology

3.Nano Optics and Electrics Technology

4.Nano Lithography

5.Nanoscale Physics and Theory

6.Nano Measurement and Systems

7.Other Scientific Researches Related to Material Science

The scientific program will include oral and poster sessions.
Through the brainstorming, interactions, and discussions among the scholars and experts, we believe that 2014 ISNST will be successful and provide you more ideas and findings of new opportunities in the ever-growing realm of nano science and technology.

See You in October, 2014 !